We are pleased to introduce to you our organization – Harvos and company. Our company is a reputable name when it comes to Diesel Generators and renewable energy, since 2002 we have remained an active player in the Energy sector.


Generator Information & Advice

Maintenance and Warranty

Emissions Standards and Environmental Impact

Price and Payment

Installation, Service, and Support

Our Services

Installation of Solar Inverter system for Home and office use

Installation of solar Traffic light

Installation of solar streetlight for high way and neighborhoods

Installation of Solar Pumping Machine for communities and towns

Installation of solar road stud.

Our Career

Harvos Apprenticeship: our team of trainners in the field of engineering have trained thousands of people almost in all the state of the federation through seminar, workshops and partnership with NGOS. We have helped many unemployed youth to become self-dependent workers. Through our youth employment initiatives students from different institution of learning have become self employed after their graduation.

We offer training on the following:

Diesel generator {mechanical and electrical}

Gas generator

Renewable energy {Solar and wind energy}

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